Monday, April 09, 2007

birds birds birds!

The late winter storm may have chased away the tourists early from the holiday weekend, but migrating birds found welcome respite from the wind in my back yard. Here are just a few of the best shots I got today...
Can anyone help identify them?



Blogger MLeahy said...

Hi Sandy! Slightly off topic on birds, but I believe that spinderella is an Argiope Aurantia. See link This is the common garden spider and the female of the species is the larger and more dominant of the pair.

I recall about thirty years ago or so , when I was young, I would capture them in old mayonaise jars. Anyway, one day I came upon one too large to fit in the jar. You guessed ran up my arm and bit me on the shoulder. As painfull as it was, it did not fair any better and instilled in me not only the beauty which they possess, but their ability to defend themselves.

Be sure to keep not only your nose but Wag's nose out of the web ;-)

Regards, MLeahy

BTW, no idea on the birds. Love the orange one.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Scarlet and George Colley came down Oleander yesterday ... wow, we sure did get educated up quick! The orange one looks like a Solitary Warbler, could be mistaken. The bright red ones were Orchard Orioles. The last three days have been some of the best birding on the Island in years ... on Monday morning a few are still around, and even the hummers are back! /sammie

8:37 AM  

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