Saturday, April 07, 2007

Damn That Nature

Someone identifying him/herself only as “M. Finch” posts the following report:

At the last EDC meeting Mr. Franke sheepishly admitted that the new Bird Center was running into problems due to “wetland issues.”

The fact that the very native flora and fauna that the center purports to promote and protect has become a problem to the people building it speaks volumes about priorities and how the town seems to think it can become an ecotourism destination merely by using that title in its marketing materials.



Blogger Sam said...

I hate to blog too much but I did learn a lunch about how this works. If the TX GLO or US Army Corps of Engineers feel any development might be in their water or wetlands jurisdiction, they have the right to put it under the microscope. The regional field staff are really good, and use the latest datum from the historical Mean High Water mark as well as vegetation and other clues as to where the "line" is. My suspicion might be wrong but these kinds of wetlands delays can be quite lengthy. I'm hoping for a slightly downsized bird center with the ability to expand, myself. My advice is to avoid any wetlands impacts at all, thus requiring no permits other than from the Town. /sammie

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