Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still available -- but for how long?

The writer of this Houston Post article waxes poetic on a camping excursion north of town...




Blogger Sam said...

... As long as the moon rises in the East and it doesn't rise in the West, like the article said! If the moon starts rising in the West be very, very afraid.

But you have a point. All that land out just past the end of Park Road 100 is private and could be paved over one day. However, beyond the road-end is all conservation land and last I heard the title was transferred to US Fish & Wildlife.

The hot topic six months or so ago was that Willacy wanted to claim the northern tip of this conservation land. I have not heard anything more about this but that would be a horrible precedent.

But if you've been reading anything about Willacy County ... oh I hate to make fun of them but the latest boondoggle with the DA is hysterical. I couldn't make up a better Tall Texas story. I mean the guy was running a farm and put a redneck trailer in the parking lot of his office, for Jimminey cripe's sake! /sammie

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