Saturday, February 25, 2006

Surfrider to the Rescue

What defines a "Park"?
There are lots of possible answers to that question but I am pretty sure that "a place where there are 1000 private condos and no public parking for the county residents" would not be part of anyone's definition.

See the local chapter of the Surfrider foundation's take on the issue and follow the links from their website to learn more about what is happening in Isla Blanca Park. Concerned residents especially need to let the county commissioners hear what we think about this plan.... they are our elected officials and they cannot ignore us.



Blogger Sam said...

I would like to see an plan that expands public access and improves upon the old infrastructure of Isla Blanca so more people can enjoy it. Frankly, the park looks frumpy. Some of the old cabanas, restroom facilities, and stuff looks old and gross, like it was built in 1970 and forever forgotten except for a slap of white paint every ten years.

What we want is cheap yearly passes and better stuff and to keep the RV thing going. What we want is the ya-ya surfing break, the excellent jetty fishing, the view of all the boats and dolphins, and all the rest.

What we want is a big old boat ramp opened up so we can launch our boats and be able to park. We want the Boy Scouts, the Winter Texans, and all the people who come from the Valley and everywhere else. All of them!

Do that and maybe, just maybe, we could be talked into some hanky panky involving some development that does not infringe upon the existing footprint of the Park.

Thank you very much.

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