Friday, January 13, 2006

Building Dunes 1/14/06

Here is the latest from Cate:

The proposed game plan for the Xmas trees, hay bales and sand fencing….

We are focusing on the north end of the Island since it was hit the hardest and has the fewest remaining dunes, and because this is the location which we know property owners want us to work….

In general, all sand collectors will be located at an angle (close to perpendicular) to the water line, the dune line, and the wind direction (all of which follow approximately the same lines n/s) and gaps approximately seven (7’) feet or greater will be left between the collectors to allow for access to/from the beach by people and sea turtles (we can hope.)

Christmas Trees:
The Town only has about 13-15 Xmas trees to date. They will be located between Parkshore, in front of Mrs. Bromley’s house, and south to Saphire Circle beach access – a distance of about 800 ft – which gives us plenty of room for more Xmas trees should we get them, and allow for a greater distance between trees. Trees will be staked and tied with twine to keep them in place.

Hay Bales:
The Town has ordered about 100 hay bales. We plan to stack them pyramid style – three on the bottom, 2 on top of the 3 and then 1 on top of the two. These bales will be tied/bundled together with rope of heavy twine to keep people from taking them. 100 bales bundled in groups of six, placed in the manner shown above, will allow us 16 wind-blocks, located 10 feet apart or so, should cover a distance of 160 feet (more like 200 ft).

Locations for hay bales: Aquarius – on the south end. The Mayor has talked with the owners of Suntide I and the Aquarius, who have talked with me. They want the sand in front of the retaining wall of the Aquarius moved to fill the gap in the dunes in front of the Aquarius, and we will use the hay bales to help keep and trap more sand to fill in this gap. Also – locate hay bales in front of the Inverness and the Florence I & Florence II. I believe this will exhaust our supply of hay, but if not, we can continue south from the Florences to Good Hope Circle Beach Access.

Sand Fencing:
The Town has ordered 30 4 ft X 50 ft rolls. We have also ordered 300 2x2x8 stakes and baling wire to stake the fencing. The fencing will be cut in 10 ft lengths and placed as shown above. Locations proposed: La Quinta south to Park Shore.

This plan generally covers the area from La Quinta south to Good Hope circle beach access – with the one additional location at Aquarius.

About volunteers:
The press release asked volunteers to show up at City Hall at 8:30 on Saturday, Jan 14th. The number of people who show up will determine how much we get done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam wrote on a forum that you ran out of materials by 10:30 so I guess you didn't need a ton of beer :) Glad you were able to get some dunes started, we will get to see them in May. If there is any other cause we can assist via paypal don't be afraid to ask!

Ken and Brenda T.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Yes it went real fast, Beerman, and it is amazing what a crew of less than 30 can do.

The Surfriders showed up, which was very cool, including the Gore Family and Zahra and a Weslaco contingency.

Lori headed south with the tree and hay crews and I headed north with the sand fencing crews. The sand fencing shows some good progress but we'll see how it works.

Thanks to the Town, Cate Ball the Town Planner, Surfriders, and all the people who helped.

We need two things, though: to finish (and maintain) some of the work and to have a celebration for all those who worked so hard.

7:09 PM  

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