Tuesday, June 02, 2009

letter from Barcelona

So you ask what have i done so far?

Well, I am going to tell you even if you didn't ask.

I have gotten lost. Repeatedly. But not so much since I started using the "Barcelona at a Glance" and maps apps on my iPhone. So I am the nerd staring at her gadget instead of the nerd trying to refold a map. (And if only all the streets had their names clearly posted and I had some basic sense of direction I would always know where I was, am and headed.) I have seen ancient Roman walls, a cathedral under construction and lots of other amazing architecture. (Saving Gaudi for tomorrow's bike tour. I told my friend Lori G. that I wish I had more money because lots of neat stuff has her name on it - literally!) I've seen pretty old buildings covered in graffiitti, a big brass cat and a French movie at a meetup I found online that may be one of my favorite flicks of all time ever ("Amelie" - highly recommended.) I got a wild hair and had it cut by a guy named Leopoldo, I've rambled down the Rambla and plucked a cheap Barca t-shirt from a sales bin. I had coffee and muffins with a sand sculptor (thanks, Nuria!) and had my Tex-Mex accent sniffed at by a Spanish waiter when I ordered a tortilla at a patio cafe. (Yes, a tortilla here is an omelet in Texas. What do they call the flat things you wrap around fajitas here? I will find out!) I am happy enough with my private room here at the Hostal Centric - featuring a private bathtub, a firm mattress, free in-room wifi and a tiny balconet and its view of the recycling bins below where I get to hear the tinkle of breaking glass from green-minded citizens all night long. And finally I am appreciating the extra 5 euros a night I am spending for the luxury of AC way more than I thought I would.

That is all. For now.

(Blogger and Flickr are not playing nicely together tonight, so you will have to go here to see the photos that go with this blog entry.)


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