Sunday, January 04, 2009

resolved: be happy in 2009

I am well aware that happiness is a hit or miss proposition. You don’t earn it or deserve it and you sure can’t buy it at wallyworld. You can search for it and attempt to sneak up on it, but it will elude you. You can’t force it but you can invite it to drop by for a beer sometime -- though it will probably get your address wrong and end up at the neighbors’ house instead. You can coax it into your parlor, feed it milk and cookies and listen to it purr but just when you think you have it cornered, it slips between your legs and out the door.

Because I am healthy, live in a beautiful place and get paid to do what I love, happiness for me is a a natural state -- How lucky is that? And I have found I can maintain this natural state by systematically eliminating the things that make me unhappy. One by one. Some are easier to eliminate than others. For example, I sure wish I could bullet-proof my teeth so I would never have to go to the dentist again -- but no can do. On the other hand, the ugly, unhappy people feeding each others’ paranoia at spiforum are easy to eliminate from my life. All I have to do is stop going there. That’s it!

So. I choose happiness.
That is all.


Blogger Sam said...

Amen, sistah!

5:49 PM  

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