Friday, December 26, 2008

The more I read about Caroline Kennedy...

the more I like her. The pundits keep trying to draw parallels between her and Sarah Palin, but honestly I don’t see the connection. I see an intelligent, thoughtful woman who has educated herself, raised her family and now sees an opportunity to serve. And service really is the key word here. She already has all the money she needs, so she is obviously not on some kind of power trip and she can’t get bought off by the banks or the corporations. What she can do is can step up and take her best shot at what her father and other family members did or tried to do, and that is to create policy that is best for _all Americans. Think about it - what “special interests” will she be beholden to if she gets appointed?

New York is lucky to have this opportunity to get a Senator who has never been bought and paid for by anyone. I hope they take full advantage.


Blogger Rob Nixon said...

Is her slogan " know..."?

Sorry, I had to get that in.

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