Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas fun at the Sandbox Inn

The 15th annual Christmas day brunch was by any measurement an unqualified success. The food was delish and consumed in mass quantities; the weather as perfect as it gets; the company amazing, interesting and talented. Sand was carved. Carols were sung. Kazoos were tooted and guitars/ukes were strummed.

Thanks to all who stopped by and made this a Christmas to remember. Hope we can do it again next year!


Blogger islandprincess said...

OMG! My horse! Hubby took a pic on iphone and of course we couldn't upload it onto computer. Feed him and nourish him and keep him tethered. Your party kicked ass and I had the best time. Thank you for your hospitality, generosity and you - you are awesome... one of those special few you meet in life that are just all around awesome. Thanks again for the great party

10:40 AM  

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