Thursday, December 11, 2008

Golden Retrievers = Snobs?

Well, probably not the golden ones themselves (I suspect if polled the dogs would say "the more the merrier!") - but maybe their owners.
I recently had a chat with an island dog owner whose yellow lab (adopted from the shelter) had originally been invited to walk in the Christmas parade with the ‘trievers. The proud doggy momma purchased some holiday finery for her pooch, only to be told that the invitation had been rescinded. Apparently only retrievers were going to be allowed, after all.

I know the goldens and their people won money last year and donated it to the shelter - which was awfully nice of them. But what is with this inviting and then disinviting other dogs? Seems pretty - well, elitist, doesn’t it? And how swell would it have been to honor Jill Joseph’s memory - and her legendary support of the LMHS - by inviting ALL rescue dogs to join the goldens in the parade?

Seems like someone missed a great opportunity to do just that.
But something to consider for next year, perhaps?


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