Friday, November 28, 2008

I know better

Didja notice lots of great sand sculpture on the beach this holiday weekend? I sure did. Not far from my beach access (#16) there was a really nice peace sign, a couple of pirate heads and a man-eating alligator. All looking good when I walked Peach last night -- and all smashed to smithereens when I walked her this morning.

It occurred to me right about then that I had failed to get my family portrait shot with Toasty08 the second, which I had created over at Wanna Wanna on Wed. And if the sculptures by my house were any indication, destructive forces had been let loose on the beach Thanksgiving night. The pointlessly filled sand barrel bears silent witness. (People who know such things tell me the Aggies lost... suppose there is any connection?)

Sure enough, Millie called early this morning to inform me of Toasty’s untimely demise. I was seriously bummed. I shook my fist at the heavens! I wished retribution upon his murderers! I sniffled and I swore and moaned and bitched for all of about 2 minutes before I realized --

I had broken a cardinal rule of sand sculpture. The rule I tell all my students, the one that I alway trot out in answer when someone says, “Don’t you feel bad when your sculptures get destroyed?”

Don’t fall in love with a pile of sand. It will break your heart every time. Best to take your photo and walk away.

Well, I walked away from Toasty all right. But not before I fell in love with that happy little sandman. Even worse, I walked away before I got the shot with Peach -- the shot for which I had shoveled so much sand.

I really do know better.

Note: I may take another stab at Toasty08 the 3rd on a weekday - after all the drunk Aggies go home ;-) Stay tuned for updates.


Blogger Sam said...

Man I'm sorry about that, Feets. Seems so senseless. I dunno if it was the Aggies but they did lose the football game 49 Bazillion to Minus Three. How DO you score below zero in a football game? Only an Aggie could figger out that one!

Let's build another one, take a Jillion pictures, and show 'em what we're made of ...

11:53 AM  

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