Saturday, March 01, 2008

So Who's Beach Is It, Anyway?

Thanks to Amazin’ Walter for alerting us to this weird banner on Coca Cola Beach.

Who owns the public beach? In Texas, everyone does. That is why we found this photo so curious. Someone has posted a banner on South Padre Island's "Coca Cola Beach" threatening dire consequences to anyone shooting video. No law is referenced. Looks mighty fishy to me...

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Blogger Sam said...

This is actually a complicated question. In many cases but not all, a property will own the land all the way down to the mean high water mark or some benchmark like that. As such I guess they can do whatever they want.

However, and after a lengthy conversation with the town lawyer, last year the BOA decided to permit beach chair and umbrellas on its "public beaches" above the mean high water mark. Thus it could be proven in court that all that land below the dune zone and vegetation line was in fact rendered a public property.

I don't know know it worked with "Sand Blasters" in California, which was done on a public beach. How did that work?

But I can say if you set up a huge video camera below the mean highwater mark, you are completely legal and nobody can mess with ya.

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