Friday, December 28, 2007

longest lines yet getting back into the US today

The line leaving Matamoros today extended back on the bridge and over half the way back to Mexico.

Maybe it was the holidays. Compounded by being Friday. Or something but I have been hopping across the border a lot lately and today's were the longest lines I have yet seen. I think those pedestrians on the bridge were waiting two hours or longer to have the opportunity to be scrutinized by a grumpy border patrol agent.
We drove, and were very happy we did. We got back to the US side in less than half an hour after pulling out of Garcias.
Remember when conventional wisdom held that it was smarter to park and walk than to drive across? NO MORE. I have to go back to the dentist next week, and I am driving. For the first time maybe ever.

We even had an (admittedly shorter) wait to get back in at Progresso last week. I think returning Winter Texans are in for a surprise this season.


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