Friday, September 14, 2007

dreading the phone

it’s not telemarketers and its not creditors. It’s not crank callers or heavy breathers or naughty kids getting their jollies. It is a good friend or beloved family member - someone I don’t talk to often enough - calling and the conversation goes something like this:
“so good to talk to/hear from you. Been busy? Me too! Can’t wait to see you next ____. By the way, is there something going on with the server? I seem to be having email problems....”

I am the hub of this network of friends, colleagues & competitors, former lovers, distant cousins, parental units and sisters. And they all want to talk to me today not because they love me (though I know they do) but because the email isn’t working. At all. Nada.

That in itself would be problem enough but today is not just any day. Of course. Today is the due date for Sand Blasters next sketches. Six sketches per team is the requirement. Nearly half of the upcoming shows’ sculptors rely on (you guessed it) MY server to keep them connected to the world. And today that connection is seriously broke.

The server guru is on it. I know this in spite of the fact that he is not currently returning my calls. (No news is not necessarily good news, but probably less scary then... the news.) Last I heard he was describing some sort of firewall that was rejecting all incoming mail. ?!

We do our best and that is all we can do.


Blogger Sam said...

Hopefully you'll get-r-done and the email will miraculously fix itself and you'll have time for a shrimp at Wanna ... not sure if the Bongos are there tonite or not. /sam

12:00 PM  

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