Sunday, March 04, 2007

Disappearing Timepieces at the PO

A few years back when the South Padre Island post office lobby clock disappeared, I asked Eddie why and he mumbled something about it breaking and admin being too cheap to replace it. Even then I suspected the real goal of the clock's removal was to try and obfuscate how much time we spent waiting in line to ship stuff or collect our packages or pay for the privilege of not having home delivery like the rest of the country gets (box rent).

Well, turns out I was right. Dammit.




Blogger mustlovespi said...

Hello … is anybody out there concerned about the disaster occurring in the Laguna Madre? The lack of discussion on any local sites or blogs is surprising.

Tuesday started the explosions - my house shook. If I can hear and feel these explosions on the second story of my Gulf side home I can only imagine what effect it is having on our fragile ecosystem.

You can count on Sanchez Oil seeking exploration permitting (that means oil rigs in the bay) as soon as they get all the data from the seismic survey.

JA SANCHEZ (owner of Sanchez Oil, UT Regent, former Fish and Wildlife Board member, major stockholder of IBC bank, and former candidate for governor) is very powerful and from what I have been reading a man who gets what he wants. The following was on a “UT Watch” site – this is scary:

"In 2000, he obtained a permit for gas exploration in Burnet Bay in Baytown, TX. Baytown city officials offered to assist the company scouting for land north of the city, but this alternative was not explored. City of Baytown officials and residents including Rep. Kay Bentsen protested against the permit in the form of letters, phone calls, and testimonies. More than 200 Baytown residents attended a meeting to register against the proposed drilling. Despite their efforts, however, the permit, allowing for gas exploration only 1300 feet from the $3.6 million Baytown Nature Center, was granted. "

A dialogue needs to BEGIN NOW about organizing a “Save Laguna Madre” campaign – if we let this one slip by no other subject will matter.

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Blogger Lucinda said...

i am working on it

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