Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentines Day Sand Sculpture (?)

Way back in the day when Arnold Samuelson of the Island Times would bend his considerable energies toward getting Amazin’ and myself to build a hearts and flowers castle during “Give Your Sweetheart the Island” weekend. (Whatever happened to that promotion, anyway? Guess it went the way of “Pirate Days”...) Sometimes there was a small budget; sometimes just a tip jar but as long as the weather was nice it was something I enjoyed. (The photo is from VDay 1994 - that's a much younger me with Dad Feets and my nephew Dylan - now a junior iat Columbia.)

This time of year, I almost always get asked if I am going to carve something on Valentines Day, and it always seems like a great idea -- until other (paying) jobs pop up or the weather decides not to cooperate.

This year I actually have been offered a paying job - carving the logo of local real estate agent Rhonda Overton over at Wanna Wanna on V-Day. When we first discussed this plan, Lyin’ Bryan the weather guy was promising spring-like temperatures and sunny skies and I thought it might be fun spending the whole day and putting a sweetheart message on the other side of the sculpture.

Now it is looking like it could be cold and wet and while I will still build if Rhonda wants me too, I find it highly unlikely that I will want to spend one more minute than necessary up to my elbows in wet sand. Darnit.

What a weird winter it has been. Enough of the cold, wet stuff already!!!!

Update: Rhonda has decided to postpone our project until we get some better weather -- I am a bit relieved.


Blogger Sam said...

Well I think "bring back the old days" when there were lifeguard stands and Tiki huts on the island beaches. All we need is a modular construction style so the stuff can be removed from the beach in case of A Big One.

Come on, folks, the beach is a billion dollar industry, with all that real estate and stuff. I think we should have some safety for the kids and some Tiki huts, which could be used by the sand castle instructors in bad weather ... when reserved.

The beach is a hot topic now, as it is eroding badly from Oleander Street up north, worse as you go that way. I think a plan for the beach should include not only the beach itself but the amenities.

And off the topic, and for those of you daring types, we want to plant a whole bunch of native dune plants this spring if possible. That's how much we care about the beach here on SPI. We're that dedicated. /sammie

12:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I decided to look you up and hoped to find some sort of evidence in your blog or on your site of a sand castle that my fiance, Dylan (not your nephew), had you build 2 days after this past Valentine's Day at SPI. We have a few pictures of our own, but I was hoping someone might have sent you some of the actual proposal. Tons of people were waiting on us and snapping pictures, which was wonderful; however, on the road back to our home in Nashville, TN, it dawned on us that not one of the spectators/photographers had offered to send us any of those photos.

So I have a suggestion that in the future perhaps you might put up a sign that reads, "If you take a picture, send it to (insert e-mail addy here)." ^_^

Aside from all that, thank you for your hard work and patience on that cold, windy day. Dylan and I loved the sand castle so much, we're having a friend carve a miniature adaptation of it to be set up at our wedding!

Our Wedding Website

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