Monday, July 03, 2006

Still a Hero

A couple weeks back Wags and I were walking on the beach....
I say "walking" but it is more of an aimless wandering involving multiple longish periods of just standing around.

Anyway, on this particular day there was a young Asian family taking in some sun at beach access #16. They had a toddler who was very unhappy.... screaming and kicking his feet and nothing the parents tried would placate him.

I had plenty of time to observe this while Wags was not moving, and I was even probably guilty of thinking to myself that this was not such a great place to be stuck with the immovable object that Wags can become. But eventually my old puppy wakes up again, lurching himself directly at the child and his mother. Since he is pretty much totally deaf, I don't think he was attracted to the noise -- the screaming baby was not even on his radar.

But boy oh boy was he on that baby's radar. That kid focused in on Wags and the tantrum came to a dead halt. No more crying, no more flailing -- just young child and old dog eyeball to eyeball. First the kid is merely astonished. Then comes utter delight. The mother flashes me the warmest of smiles --

"Bow Wow! Bow Wow!"

We all laugh and chant along...

Bow Wow! Bow Wow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wags has the same effect on me! A hero he is and will always be. It is no surprise that our K-9 companions have such unrelenting power over us. They make us smile even when all things and everyone else can't. I have turned to my trusted loved ones many times in my darkest hours and shared my inner thoughts (fully knowing that they will never tell). Through their eyes I am great and deeply loved. Nothing else on this wonderful planet can give such love. Even mothers get fed up but Wags and his kind never get enough of our attention and they can never give enough of theirs. I applaud these magnificent creatures and my life is fuller because of them. Very little stirs such emotion within me as a dog. Bless your heart for this story and bless you for loving Wags. I love him too!

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