Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Shroud of Secrecy Surrounding Sandcastle Days 2006

When you are me, you get asked about Sandcastle Days. A lot. By the tourists, by sand sculptors, and by potential volunteers and sponsors. As recently as a year ago I could answer those questions with a certain amount of confidence....

Not any more. The standing Sandcastle Days committee - of which I was a founding member - has been dissolved. All the plans are being made behind closed doors and we local experts have apparently outlived our usefulness and been told not to let those doors hit us on our way out.

Usually at this time of year I am sending out invitations to the master sculptors -- my friends and colleagues who plan their schedules 6 months in advance. This year no one's heard anything and when you go to the event website - which is the only ostensibly reliable source of info to be found (I have heard multiple reports that the Sheraton's own employees are saying the event has been cancelled) - there is a "click for 2006 masters application" -- but it is not an active link. The most recent press release is dated 12/15/05. (I was fired from doing the event website because I was slow on updates.... looks like my replacement is doing no better.)

So, if anyone out there knows anything about Sandcastle Days 2006, I sure wish you would spill the beans.

'Cause all those folks just keep asking me.


Blogger Sam said...

sf, why not just do our own SPI thing this year? Might not be able to comp 100% but hey, you get Karen, Carl, Meredith, and the crewe like Paul & Remi, Walter & Christy, you know, well jeez, it would be like the old days only better. They all LOVE it here. World class, baby. Might be fun. Can I do some pound-ups for y'all? Hehe, whams

10:12 PM  
Blogger sillysand said...

I have clients that would be more than happy to host this event and offer all the comps necessary to bring the talent.
It seems to me to be about time to take this event back and run it like it should be run for the WHOLE town not just a select few.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with taking it back,

Change the name a little if need be.

I hate it when someone comes in and ruins a great event.

My family and I come to the island special for the event each year.

11:04 AM  
Blogger ~Melissa said...

WOW...I guess it has gone corporate. Has anyone called and talked to the manager at the Sheriton? Sounds like a horrible thing for the island to lose. It always brings in a few tourists.

We have a big art fair here in MPLS. It had gotten so bad and so much all the same, that a bunch of local artist created their own art fair, the same weekend.

So, you have the name, the know how, and the friends. And I am sure you have some contacts. What's stopping you.

If you build it they will come....

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to hear this news. I already have plans to be there that weekend. Please keep us non residents posted on what is going on. What a shame....

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A couple of alderman meetings ago, the manager of the Sheraton announced it was proceeding on schedule. Has something changed? The town of SPI has always done a piss poor job of communicating stuff. Nothing new there.

10:10 PM  
Blogger amazu said...

hi... amazin' walter here... no one is going to take sandcastle days back.... it is still an event... i received an application to enter which i have filled out and sent in... the prize money is the same the "perks" are the same... we also received a request to make a bid for the "sponsors sculpture"... we are discussing it... if someone wants to have another event lets make it something different... show me the money!

2:56 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Hey Amazing some of us sure appreciate your good attitude, positive feelings, and all that, and nothing can replace the Sand Castle Days for sure. If I know you, political squabbling is for dummies!

But on the other hand, can you understand that to some casual observers, maybe including a few sand sculptors, feel like all weird about the way it's going down the corporate path?

So sure, this was the time of year when Sandy Feet used to get things together and there's an emptiness there ... we can all understand that. Perhaps I can come up with a crazy idea for a "moonlight carving" after the show if some of you artists stay around. Umm, for free, maybe some catering?

You said the right thing but I think you know exactly where we were coming from, my friend. Respectfully,
Sammy Seagull

5:11 PM  

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