Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I wanted to post on the forum, but posted here instead so I wouldn't get censored or smacked down

The SPI forum has become a scary place to visit, and it strikes me that this is just a small manifestation of the greater incivility and lack of empathy for one another’s viewpoints that has overcome our nation.

The ugly words that have been strewn over the internet via the forum are the antitheses of the face we try to show our visitors - that of serenity and tranquility in a beautiful natural setting. Isn’t that what drew us all here? Or has the balance tipped toward the cynics who bought in for no other purpose than to make a fast buck off the dimwitted locals?

I worry about you people. I worry about your rage. Your blood pressure. The wife/husband who has to listen to you rant about these things at the dinner table. The nagging suspicion you surely must have that someday you will wish you had spent more time swimming or fishing or building sandcastles -- and less time cursing your neighbors.


Blogger Rob Nixon said...


12:08 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Day two of solitude from the evil Forces of Negativity on SPI Forums! I logged out and yes I did sneak a peek today, just to see how bad they were. It's worse. OK, off to happy places on the Internet.

Please stay away from SPI Forums, boycott them, and just don't go there.

I agree, or as they say in the lilting talk of the Bahamians "spirit agree," that anybody who Googles South Padre Island is going to find that damn forum in the top 5 hits, along with sites for "road hog" JW, "bandwidth hog" Gene Gore, and SOB Sandy Feet. Somehow, Sandy Feet gets me some traction way down deep in the list.

Hopefully, people will recognize those blithering idiots of the far right for what they are - blithering idiots of the far right.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

I know that this is probably none of my business since I don't live there. (yet!) But I have been looking at the forums the last couple days and it looks to me like a few people are just trying to cause trouble. It definitely doesn't keep me from dreaming about your beautiful beaches, or friendly shop owners. That's just my view from the outside...

I do hope to become a permanent resident very soon, and am glad that there are people like you guys who have such wonderful, positive blogs. It's my little escape to SPI every day. Until then, I guess I'll have to sit at my desk and stare at the webcams and dream.

8:47 AM  
Blogger islandprincess said...

Good post by Erin. I am blessed to have met you and Rob and Sam. Nicer people cannot be found. I love you & love ur attitude.

10:57 PM  

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