Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sponsor Me, South Padre!

Local Sand Sculptor Seeks Sponsorship

Tough economic times are taking their toll on everyone - including South Padre Island sand sculptor Lucinda “sandy feet” Wierenga. She is scheduled to compete at the Texas Sandfest in Port Aransas in April - the largest such event in Texas and one which draws over 100,000 spectators from around the state. But with the event just one month off, she finds herself without sponsorship.

“Sandfest is set up so that individual master sculptors are sponsored by (mostly local) businesses. My longtime sponsor - Port Aransas Realty - was unable to come up with the money this year. I was given permission by the event organizers to offer a sculpted sign at my plot, carved with the name/logo of my sponsor. This will be the only plot with a sculpted sign instead of a banner, which I think will help it stand out in the crowd.... and get photographed right along with the incredibly beautiful sculpture I intend to carve on my plot.”

Wierenga posted this information on her blog, and the response has caused her to formulate another plan that would allow her to say that South Padre Island itself has sponsored her.

“My idea is to carve this ‘sand billboard’ into the form of a big signpost. I envision “South Padre Island” carved large, with an arrow pointing south and ‘150 miles’ (or whatever the exact number is, as the crow flies) carved above it. Below I would carve in smaller type the names of up to 10 individuals or busineses willing to contribute $50- $100 each to have their names or business names carved into the sign. This is very affordable advertising!”

Wierenga plans to carve the sign off the clock, on her own time and early enough in the event to make sure it stands for at least four days, giving it maximum crowd exposure. “I think it will remind everyone who attends that there is another - even better! - end of the island while giving me a good opportunity to talk to the spectators about SPI and our sand sculpture event (Sandcastle Days) that happens in Oct.

Wierenga figures the whole community can benefit from the publicity, as the sponsor also gets mentioned in all the event’s promotional materials. Furthermore, with the total amount divided ten ways, the sponsorship figure becomes manageable.

“And I already have three takers,” she adds with a grin.

More Information:

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The list of sponsors as of 3/5/09:

Charles Pugsley Fincher

Amazin' Walter
The SandBox Inn


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Don't know if you are still looking for sponsorship for Sandfest 2009. We are have 300 dollars to throw towards your sculpture. Please let us know at


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