Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My happy, friendly neighborhood

Apparently someone in my neighborhood is so concerned about appearances that they took the time to complain about the small pile of buckets and busted up plastic form material sitting forlornly in the easement near my driveway where I presumed the big trash truck would come pick it up. Yesterday.

(Isn't the first Monday of the month big trash day?)

I put the stuff out on Sunday, Aug. 5 which directly proceeds the first Monday in August by my reckoning. But the stuff didn't get picked up. I don't know why and seeing how it is only Tuesday I thought maybe they were just running a bit behind or something but one of my civic-minded neighbors just couldn't wait to take it up with code enforcement instead of talking to me directly.

I think that is ... what's the word?
Ah yes:


Blogger Sam said...

That's funny, somebody was complaining to Town Hall on our street too! Code enforcement came down and took lots of eight by ten glossy pictures of ... nothing. it was not only trash day but also big trash day. So I asked code enforcement what this was all about. "We have to respond to all complaints" he said, "but I don't see anything here."

Somebody should be minding their own business. /sam

10:17 AM  

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