Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Dog Days of Summer on SPI

All kinds of interesting stories over at Google News today - including 2 SPI stories involving dogs: Check out Carl Phillip’s report on two rescued Chihuahuas and then look at the nice mention of dog-friendly SPI La Quinta at

Man fights flesh-eating bacteria contracted at Texas beach is not a headline we like to see, but anyone who takes the time to read the article will discover a. this happened in Galveston, nowhere close to SPI and b. this gentleman had health issues that put him at greater risk; most of the general population is not vulnerable to this bacteria.

And here is some news to spoil an already gray, rainy day: “Though there is a decline in offshore drilling, South Padre Island has experienced growth. Davis said 24 wells were drilled, up from nine wells in 2005.” Read this article here.

My plants loved the rain but I am ready to welcome back Mister Sunshine....



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