Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bah Humbug

I am feeling pretty discouraged tonight and am fast reaching the conclusion that it is all but impossible to make an impact on anything around here. A few people talk loud, make the rules, conduct the meetings that matter behind closed doors, do their best to try and convince the rest of us that our opinions count for more than a pile of dog doo while clandestinely shoveling our ballots down the disposal.

I am off to Puerto Rico for a couple of weeks. Maybe spending time on another beach will clear my head and improve my attitude. Adios Bye Bye.


Blogger Hershal said...

I agree with you, Sandy. There's no doubt that the decision makers at the city are a bunch of bullies (and I pray to God that that's who you're talking about). There are times when simply listening to what techies have to say could save the city piles of money.

One easy example (and I know everyone's heard of this goof-up) is the huge "marketing" campaign they launch to get an ad on some no-one-who-cares-sees-it monster truck, or something of that nature. They spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000, I believe, and I could be wrong. Whatever the amount, the "campaign" was a huge flop and returned relatively nothing.

My point is, if the boys at the city tuned their hearing-aids into a little advice from anyone who knows the slightest bit about niche marketing and the internet, they could have spent their money elsewhere, such as a REAL website instead of the cliche, "let's just give the what they want, not what they need" brick they invested in, replacing the SEOed, content rich machine they had developed over years.

Its like trying to fix something that isn't broken until it breaks. Simply stunning.

This is fun.

1:11 AM  
Blogger just wandering said...

and make the Island wifi heaven -- that's a great marketing tool!!!

9:24 AM  
Blogger just wandering said...

Hershal: that came from one Alderman (thankfully who is not here) who bullied it into acceptance. Some of the people who run this web site still supported him. I hope we all have learned better. Also watch out for folks who have never supported much here (against raises for our underpaid workers, for example) but want to be back in power to try (apparently) to stop controls on development, who talk the talk of making the Island more attractive to business and residents, but .... walk the walk, never yet. I know we all dislike government interference with our freedoms, no one more than I, but some controls on development, on visuals, on traffic problems, have to be endured in a society as large as ours. Hey, we could still have outhouses instead of sewers. And by the way, I can't imagine God looks too hard at South Padre and what you call the bullies. Sparrows, maybe; but probably not SPI town government.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Wanderer, Other Nancy, I blush at your fowardness. We simply must have another native plant tour via bicycle, which I missed last time. I promise to wear clothes as you requested. The other, "other" Nancy and I have been up to absolutely no good sowing our oats without even having ... Lori says hello too! We simply must catch up on the landed gentry here, sometimes it is so droll and macabre this time of year.

Thanks Duchess,

10:46 PM  
Blogger just wandering said...

It wasn't me who wanted you to wear clothes! Anyway, we all need to keep an eye on folks who run for office -- all of them. Some humorist said about the presidency that anyone who wanted that job shouldn't be allowed to have it so even in our little town we need to look for hidden agendas. And feel lucky when we get someone who doesn't seem to have one.
keep on truckin, right?

7:28 AM  

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