Tuesday, January 02, 2007

planting trees

... of the Christmas variety.

Several of us have questioned and are being questioned on the topic of recycling Christmas trees into dune starters. Last year the city was most accommodating - picking up and stashing trees until the appointed dune building day. This year? Not so much.

Well, my Frasier Fir - shipped all the way from NC and still not dropping needles - did not give its life to end up in some landfill. I am saving my tree and someday soon I will build my own little dune somewhere where it is needed and wanted. Maybe I will name this little dune after my ex and walk my dog to it every day.

If you have a live tree, maybe you would like to do the same and then you can join me on dune creation day. We can bring snacks and bevies and have fun on the beach while we are at it. (If you don't have room to stash a tree, you can drop it off at 117 e. saturn and I will stash it for you. Because the more trees we have, the bigger our our little dune can be.)


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Blogger Sam said...

If I may, Dewey and his staff does not like Christmas trees on the beach, mainly for political reasons as well as a little history. The way I heard it, about 10 years ago a whole bunch of Christmas trees were thrown down on the beach and they made quite a mess - I think that was according to Cliff Rowell.

If anyone knows about the truth or what exactly happened please let us know.

The experiment we did last year was considered a success, as the stuff was positioned and staked and designed fairly well. As the spring seaweed came in it was dumped on the trees and hay bales and and the result wasn't too darned bad.

Thanks to you Sandy for at least trying. If the Town doesn't want our help, concern, and skill, well maybe we should help the County on the northern beaches. Next year you can guarantee and I am going to make it work, politics be damned.


5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Revisionist ignoramous history

1:13 AM  
Blogger just wandering said...

Gee, that last post was helpful.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Aw, that was Pedro, who has a kettle of fish of his own.

Now I don't mean to cause Dewey a pain in the neck. He stated to me his preferences and I understood it and agreed with him. The last thing we need on this Island is another time bomb like CPAC.

That said, and I may have mentioned this elsewhere, a few Christmas trees with some locals and new folks could help spread the word about how important dunes are to our Island, not only as a unique ecosystem but as a buffer against large storm waves. So it was not just all about the dunes, or whether they are the complete solution (they are not), but getting PEOPLE involved and more aware.

I don't think Dewey would mind me saying that, and he might get something together later this winter using some other approaches, like some eco-sausage thingy.

Perhaps I should take some pictures between Inverness and La Quinta to remind some of you, including the locals, how very bad it is up there. The north end of the beach seems to be the ugly "kissing cousin" which never got the beach renourishment or erosion controls as much as the lower beach to the South. Perhaps some pictures of buildings being undercut by the surf and having zero beach would help motivate people. /Sammie

4:02 PM  

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