Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sandguy on Youtube

The object of my affection doing what he does...



Blogger seena said...

I am still fairly inexperienced as an artist as i am in my final year of uni, though i have sold bits and pieces and i thought this course would be ideal for me. I found it very rewarding and i felt i learned allot about the wider world of art and how galleries go about buying pieces. It was also really nice to meet others who were trying to make a living from their work; cisco exam questions i definitely feel i picked up some valuable information from them. I thought the sales skills workshop proved to be effective for all who were there as it happens the majority of artists know very little about sales and marketing and i thought the training was delivered very effectively. All this for free, and practically on my doorstep was brilliant and i would recommend to anyone thinking of trying to make it as an artist. Many thanks to all who were involved

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