Friday, November 10, 2006

Words of Wisdom from a Longtime SoB

This arrived from Balde (aka Toby Beau) - he and Renetta are still in Hawaii:


In the last 10 years we have seen a great many of our friends fall away. Billy, Duane, M L, Joey, K C, Danny, and those are not the only ones. I can recall this late at night. Sammy Carrasco's death rattled me more than I thought. Pirates, the Grim Reaper has bought a condo on the Island and filling his quota with all our friends. Well, you know what!  F... him. I propose this .....'" WE WILL NOT GO GENTLE INTO THIS GOODNIGHT." Not anymore. We will make a point to get checked up, the doctor is not the enemy, we will dust the cobwebs off of that old VHS exercise video tape and transfer it to dvd, We will have a salad instead of fries, We will walk to Circle K to get the paper instead of driving, We will notice when our wives look at our bellies and our hair then get that mournful look of longing in there eyes that can only mean "Gee I could have married better". We will get in better shape and we will verbally assault any pirate who doesn't.  Drastic measures must be enacted, marshall law will have to be declared, We are at Defcon 5 Pirates, our lot is to plunder, not go six feet under. Lets make a change. Lets have a real surviversfest, the biggest one the Island has ever seen.  We will invite everyone in the valley. We will have only healthy food and no booze! Well, we'll have healthy food. Send me your input.

I miss you all,


Blogger ~Melissa said...

Great advice!! Lets get healthy! But can I have a whiskey with that?

Actually, not to be funny, we are the first generation who will not outlive our parents. They say that with the increase of fatty diets and seditary lifestyles, we are not going to have as long of a life.

I don't like that thought. It bothers me. I have grandma's that lived to be 80's, 90's and 100's. What does that mean for me?

I am working on it. I have dropped 40 pounds in 4 months. Granted, I am a big girl, so I am still fat. I just need to keep that momentum going. A year from now, I won't be fat. I am going to do this.


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