Friday, December 30, 2005

Hooray for the New Year!

Why o why sandy feet are you making me change my bookmarks, messing with my daily routine and starting up a whole new blog in a whole new location??!!"

The reasons are many, but suffice to say that the old blog was a bit too closely associated with the old boyfriend - a nice guy who was much geekier than I and who I had hoped would help me figure out how to use PHP so that I could customize it (the old blog, that is) to my heart's content.

This of course never happened.

Basically, I decided there was no hope for me and PHP and so I am migrating to blogger which is proving to be much friendlier to my poor over-taxed brain.

I hope you can make the migration with me. I haven't quite figured out the RSS stuff yet but I feel confident that I can.

Onward through the fog!


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